Social Media Marketing

Don't just talk to your audience, create a relationship with them

Traditional marketing uses a one-way, broadcast model: identify the message you want to communicate and then push it out to your target audience through radio, television, magazines, and other media. The rise of social media services like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter has created a new and more effective model: two-way, interactive marketing and communications.

Social media services build connections, letting people share information, experiences, and opinions quickly and easily through internet-enabled devices, from traditional desktop computers to smartphones and tablet PCs like netbooks and the iPad. Social Media Marketing leverages this technology to create connections between companies and their customers, and uses those social networks to spread their messages to even wider audiences, often relying on the audience itself to do the sharing and promoting. Not only does this reduce promotional costs, but it increases the impact of your marketing - a recommendation from a Facebook friend or a viral marketing campaign spread through Twitter is far more compelling than a billboard or a magazine ad.

While traditional marketing relies on repeated exposure to get the message across, social media marketing engages your audience to create conversations, long-term relationships, and long-term customer loyalty.

Not only does social media marketing build relationships, it then uses those relationships to help businesses increase their customer base, break into new markets, or simply to provide more responsive customer service. At Big Shoe Marketing, we understand the technology and the tools and we can help your organization use social media to achieve your business goals.

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