Business Planning

Supporting business with solid branding and marketing strategy

Starting a new business or re-tooling an existing one requires vision...and a lot of planning. Big Shoe Marketing can help with both.

We help small to medium sized businesses take a step in the right direction with strategic business planning. Our team of experts works closely with entrepreneurs to understand and clarify company vision and objectives and to then develop a solid business plan based on reliable research and proven execution strategies.

Big Shoe Marketing business planning helps individuals and companies obtain financing, whether for business start-ups, new product lines, research & development, venture capitalists or other business opportunities.

Business planning must be tailored toward the target consumer. Whether your demographic is an innovator or a laggard or somewhere in between, Big Shoe Marketing delivers plans that work at each stage of your product's life cycle.

We offer business plans that include:

Contact us today if you’re considering a new business or want to move an existing business one step further down the path to success.

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