Lead Generation

Fill your sales funnel with qualified leads

Without leads, sales teams are crippled. So how do you generate leads? That’s where Big Shoe Marketing can help.

Marketing programs to generate leads

At Big Shoe Marketing we have the experts and resources to execute a wide variety of marketing initiatives that generate leads for sales. These initiatives include event execution, direct online marketing, online webinars, social media campaigns, advertising, promotions, and corporate communications campaigns.

Working closely with you, Big Shoe Marketing creates marketing initiatives that deliver results.

Tracking leads and working with sales

Time, money and resources are required to generate leads, so it is critical that leads are effectively passed over to sales for timely follow-up. At Big Shoe Marketing, we work closely with companies and their business systems to help define and manage internal processes that allow your people to follow-up on leads effectively.

Working together with you, our consultants will define lead follow-up strategies for sales. By scoring and prioritizing new leads, the more valuable ones can be passed to experienced sales staff while less-experienced sales people can cut their teeth on the leads appropriate for them.

Contact Big Shoe Marketing to learn more about lead generation and growing sales.

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